Have a good year my dear students



New year is a perfect time to change, to improve, and to find your way. It is 13 days, wow! You can do whatever you want. But, at the start of Norooz, you have the result of the first half of the academic year. I divide your results into three situations 1. Some of your grades are good, i.e. they are between 18 to 20. 2. Some of the results are so so, meaning between 15 to 18. 3. Some of them are bad, i.e. your result is under 15.

I think that the last category is the most important one. To improve them, I ask my friend who are interested those lessons to give me suggestions to improve these lessons. Further, I choose new books and try to change my way of study. After that I am going to work on the lessons in the second category. I read them more. During Norooz, I study my lessons about four hours a day. Never say no to your studies, even in Norooz. I am also working on Norooz book. I also have my hobbies, such as playing basketball and watching English movies, and so on, but based on my planning

How I became interested in English:

When I was 9 years old, I started learning English. Since then I have never stopped learning English. These days I can speak English fluently and I can read English newspapers. I also watch English movies and animations. Some of my friends tell me that English is a difficult subject, but I do not agree with them. To me English language is the easiest language in the world, but you need to do my suggestions in order to improve your language.

Try to read some books and newspapers in English. Highlight the words that you do not known, then try to find out their meaning from the other parts of the text. Underline the words and those parts of the sentences that you think they are more important. Read them loud and record your voice. It will help you improve your reading skills

Speak with someone, who can speak in English. For example your brother or father. Talk about your every day life, or talk in front of the mirror and use the words that you know their meaning.


Do not think in Persian and then translate it to English. Since the beginning, try to think in English. It will help you write better.

listen to what you have recorded, I mean your voice, and then see how much you have improved
Important Points from our English Text Book
Following you can see the important points of ‘The Secret of Success, Advice for Success’, which I have generated from our school English text book.

1. Don’t be afraid to dream.You don’t need to accept limitations other put on you.

2. Don’t talk about your plans too much. Spend that energy making things happen.

3. Take yourself seriously. Pursue your dreams with conviction.

4. Don’t try to do it all done. Seek out the people and resources you need.

5. Always appear confident, even if you don’t always feel that way inside.

6. Think positively. Don’t let yourself think negative thought for very long.

7. Don’t be afraid to fail. All successful people will fail and learn a lot from it.

8. Dress for success. Figure out how you need to look to get what you want.

From English Text book, Passage 2 / unit 6 / page 50 / discussion, ‘the secret of success’.


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